Nationhood for Congress? Vote Aye!

US Congress 3Should the US Congress become an independent country?

In the wake of the historic vote in Scotland on whether or not to leave the United Kingdom and opt for self rule, conferring the same status on the US Congress suddenly looks like a great idea.

Before you dismiss the notion, consider the benefits.

  • We could stipulate that the nation of Congress moves to a remote island somewhere far away such as the South Pacific.
  • If they vote to go to war they would have to fight it – and pay for it – themselves.
  • All dark money flowing to Congress would be confiscated and used to pay for free cable.
  • Lobbyists who visit Congress would be required to buy a one-way ticket.
  • Congressional politicians who stay in the United States without permission would be classed as illegal immigrants.
  • The infamous revolving door that Congressional politicians use to land lucrative jobs in Wall Street would lead to the Pacific Ocean.
  • It’s just as easy to do nothing in the South Pacific as it is in Washington DC – so what’s the downside?

Come on people, this is a unique opportunity. Join the campaign to give the US Congress independence.


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6 thoughts on “Nationhood for Congress? Vote Aye!”

  1. Actually , I had read that the District of Columbia is seeking statehood — because they don’t feel properly represented. At least the feeling is mutual!

  2. Please tell me why I would want to put every member of Congress on an island paradise in the South Pacific? That’s not a punishment; it’s a perk!

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