Phillip Dillman’s Cartoons: Welcome to HumorOutcasts

Phillip Dillman will be sharing his cartoons on  Phil’s book  will be released by HumorOutcasts Press this fall (We will surprise you with the title as the release nears).  Phil cracks us up. He draws his cartoons during his pastor’s sermons as he sits in the choir loft. And if you think she is offended, think again. She wrote the foreword for the book!  Phil is the cousin of our own Theresa Wiza so let’s welcome him aboard.   – Donna CavanaghHO Cartoon

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8 thoughts on “Phillip Dillman’s Cartoons: Welcome to HumorOutcasts”

  1. Welcome on board Philip. I’m sooooo jealous of people who can draw but you’re still welcome!

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