Renaming ISIS

By: Rennett Stowe

ISIS, the Islamic terrorist group, is upset with the French for dubbing them Daesh which is a translation of an Arabic moniker which means “to trample.” The reason for the name change is that the French believe the  name ISIS gives the terrorists the same recognition as a political state and the French view them only as “terrorist cutthroats.”  ISIS finds France’s designation disrespectful and is crying foul and whining to the world from behind their masks. But France is winning support from other nations around the globe and other countries  have jumped on the bandwagon to offer name changes as well.  Bantered about behind closed doors at the U.N. are:

Cookie Cutter Cowards  as there is not an original move in their playbook and their monochromatic masks are getting old.

SISI (Pronounced Sissy) which is ISIS backwards and  pretty much describes their perverted ideology

And if none of those work:

ASSHOLES – simple but it says it.

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7 thoughts on “Renaming ISIS”

  1. How to undermine the ‘legitimacy’ of a terrorist group is to mock it. Did you know that these jihadists are petrified of being killed by women? It means that they won’t get their 72 brown-eyed virgins. And, knowing this, the Kurds now have women in the military who watch these terrorists run away in fear.

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