Second Responders Upset at Lack of Recognition

This year’s recent anniversary of the September 11th attacks once again brought out well-deserved accolades for first responders across the country. But not everyone was pleased. Groups of second responders were once again feeling left out, and several organized groups voiced their displeasure.

Crime scene

Geoff Finley, of the advocacy group “SeCond Responders Every Where Every Day” says that it is proper to give first responders their due, “but what about those who are called by the first responders? I mean, I don’t do this for the glory, but it might be nice to be recognized every once in a while.”

“Police and Fire always get there first. But I think similar respect should be given to paramedics, crime scene photographers, the blacklight operator, plastic bag man, the guy with the bullhorn, and the guy who strings up the “caution” tape. A lot of these scenes are still potentially dangerous.”

Finley is asking that we instead start simply thanking “responders.”

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