The Good Doctor & The Monster Spray.

The first time I set eyes on Jill Y, I was convinced she could hear as well as see the tongue hanging out of my mouth. As luck had it, I didn’t totally disgust her that day although I’ve definitely made up for it since then. When we had our imaginary daughter, it was an amazing and joyous occasion. The story of the time we brought her to the Doctor because she was scared of monsters and couldn’t sleep is now written on the below picture:


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4 thoughts on “The Good Doctor & The Monster Spray.”

  1. I have to say that this is sheer genius. I will have to show my dogs too. They have issues at night. Maybe if they read the bottle, they will sleep well too! Thanks Bill Y

    1. I knew your dogs were cool and I knew they could write but I didn’t know they could read too!

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