The Perfect Match

Did you know that you can download a copy of “The Bible” for free yet nowhere to be found is Thirsty Dave’s unwritten novel “Drink?”. This is fact and is not open to interpretation. Speaking about relationships, there comes a time when you just know you’ve found your perfect match:


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16 thoughts on “The Perfect Match”

  1. Awesome. That is now officially on my bucket list of relationships I’ll probably never have, but will always be jealous of. Could you ask her if she has a brother?

    1. She doesn’t have a brother but if we can interest you in a Thirsty Dave, just say the word. There will of course be monetary recompense!

    1. First of all tell me if you have a restraining order against me? It’s so hard to keep track of them all!

  2. Pies and beer = sugar + alcohol.

    Sugar + alcohol = more alcohol?

    Anyway, it is a perfect combination of the two most important food groups.

    1. If you happen to have any beer in your fridge, please let me know! I need beer!

    1. I certainly hope so or there’ll be no sharing of the pie and beers!

    1. In a perfect world, it would be both written and available in all good liquor stores!

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