Ultra-Cool New Ultra-Sound


You’ve heard of ultra-sounds, right? And you know about those age-enhancement programs that law enforcement officials use to predict what a guy who went on the lam twenty years would look like today? Well, the Journal Of Pediatric Imaging is reporting on a fascinating new imaging technology that combines these two techniques. Researchers have discovered a way to view a child in the womb and predict what he or she will look like three years into the future.

To draw attention to their device the researchers wanted a celebrity for their trial runs. So they did an ultrasound on Chelsea Clinton. And they came up with this:


Yup, I’m guessing this might impact the next Presidential election.

But let’s get back to the new ultrasound/predictor machine, because there’s another fascinating part to the story. Apparently, the machine also works in reverse – you can predict with incredible accuracy what a person looked like when they were young. To demonstrate this capability the researchers again used a celebrity.

And they found that this guy:


Looked like this when he was young:


Fascinating stuff. I’m probably getting dropped from those DNC mailing lists, and I might now have trouble getting my bike tuned up. But whatever, this is too intriguing not to share.



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  1. HILARIOUS! Imagine fast-forwarding to take a peek at classmates. No need to wait for a 20th reunion for that secret feeling of smugness at the fall of the prom queen or varsity quarterback. Oh, dear, my shallow slip is showing.

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