Under Attack


You might’ve noticed a pattern emerging with these populist “patriots” that keep popping up. Some guy from an area that’s whiter than Joe Biden’s teeth finds a new way to claim that he’s under attack by his own government. Conservative politicians gush their support because they want votes. Conservative news outlets turn the guy into a hero because he’s feedstock for their propaganda machine. And then people with guns show up.

A spontaneous carnival ensues. It’s like the Summer Of Love, minus the love.

It drags on for a bit. But then the guy makes some horrifically racist comment. The majority of his backers flee as quickly as possible. It reminds you of how you’d run towards the ocean as a little kid, giddy with excitement. But then you’d feel how cold the water was and you’d run away screaming.

But it’s not just me noticing this trend. Check out this employment ad from Fox News:

WANTED: Populist patriot who WON’T turn out to be a racist. Send resume and 2 references to Heroes@FoxNews.com.

I normally don’t follow these things too closely. But the recent one with Cliven Bundy got personal for me because I used to teach Driver Education. And apparently Cliven has a problem with Driver Ed:


Yeah, I know I always told my kids to follow traffic rules and pay their parking tickets. But it’s gotten personal now. It’s time to fight back.

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