Awesome Art Opportunity In Seattle


When you’re married there are certain inevitable debates you have with your spouse. Should we have an “open” marriage? Should we skip buying a house and invest in lottery tickets instead? Things like that.

In my case the main debate involves decorating the interior of our house. More specifically, the question is what type of art should grace the walls in our home? We both agree we want the place to look nice, but my wife and I have very different tastes in art. Her idea of good art is this:


And my idea of good art is this:


“Good” is a total understatement here. I found this at Goodwill and stuck a little name plaque on it like they do in museums. I called this masterpiece “The Other Thinker”.

I didn’t want to offend my wife by pointing out the obvious – that her taste in art is inferior. That would’ve been both mean and elitist. So I deferred to hanging her painting in the front hallway and I’ve donated mine. It’s at the Goodwill on Northeast 8th and 64th in Seattle if you want to grab it. With its theme of intellectual pursuit, it’d look fantastic in the lobby at your new for-profit kollege.

But hurry. I know there’s lots of other people whose taste in art is almost as good as mine.

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