Cathy Sikorski Memoir Proves Humor’s Healing Power Even in the Most Difficult Circumstances

A caregiver requires a steady hand, nerves of steel and, as Cathy Sikorski proves, a well-developed sense of humor.  In her first book, a memoir entitled Showering With Nana: Confessions of a Serial Killer…Caregiver (HumorOutcasts Press, 2015), Sikorski recounts her days as a stay-at-home mom of a toddler who takes on added responsibility when her 92-year-old grandmother moves into her Pottstown, Pennsylvania home. The adventures that ensue are both witty and heartwarming, and they remind us all about the importance of a sense of humor.    An attorney who limits her practice to elder care issues, Sikorski is no stranger to either caregiving or humor, and her combined expertise in these two areas has made her a sought after speaker and radio show guest who tackles the Comedy of Caregiving as well as the legal issues that affect those who will one day be or need a caregiver (which is everyone).

“I have been a significant caregiver more than 25 years to seven different family members and friends,” Sikorski noted. “I know how difficult the situation can be from an emotional, physical and legal standpoint. Caregiving has taught me a great deal especially how essential it is to bring humor into our lives each day.”

Sikorski chose to write a memoir so that readers could witness her day-to-day high points and struggles as a caregiver and mom.

“With the memoir, readers get a close-up view of real life with me. I wanted to be as sincere and open as possible because this is a story that so many people can relate to,” she explained.  “I wanted to make sure that despite the challenges, readers could see there was always a great deal of warmth and comic relief on a daily basis.”

Sikorski has participated in memoir writing classes for two years at the prestigious Fine Arts Work cathysikorskiphotoCenter in Provincetown, Massachusetts. She has also participated in the Philadelphia Writer’s Conference where she won a Humor Prize in 2014. Sikorski writes for The Huffington Post and is a contributing author for  and she can been seen on the West Chester Story Slam YouTube channel.  Known as a “Thought Leader,” her work can be found in the HappinessRecipe Anthology: the Best of Year One, published 2014.  Sikorski maintains an active blog “You just have to Laugh…where Caregiving is Comedy…” at  where she continues to post absurd yet true stories that continue today.

You can contact Cathy Sikorski at and follow her on Twitter at @cathy_sikorski.

Showering With Nana: Confessions of a Serial Killer…Caregiver can be found in both paperback and e-book formats on

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  1. Thanks, Beth. I give away a lot of secrets in my book, but what I take to stay sane…..well that’s for my next book. Mostly, because I haven’t figured it out yet.

  2. This nana must read Showering With Nana. Author Sikorski sounds too good to be true. She deserves an award for finding humor in taking care of a toddler and an old lady (sorry, elderly grandmother). What does she take to stay sane?

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