Even a Mugshot Deserves a Bright Smile

crestTwo Indianapolis-area men have been arrested in the theft of thousands of dollars of Crest Whitening Strips from several Walmart and Target locations.  While the police were all smiles when they nabbed the bleaching burglars, the two men only grimaced when they learned that they would be charged with a felony which means they might be a little long in the tooth—a yellow tooth—by the time they are released from jail.

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12 thoughts on “Even a Mugshot Deserves a Bright Smile”

  1. When the local denizens make the front pages of the newspapers with their mugshots, I always say, “It simply doesn’t do them justice.”

  2. I think they were hired by local dentists to remove the whitener from the hands (and teeth) of potential patients.

  3. Oh, “them Indiana boys on them Indiana nights” were probably taking their Last Dance with Mary Jane. Oh my, my, oh hell yes, they had to put on their party dress!

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