Flushing a Marriage Down the Toilet

By: HomeSpot HQ

A Japanese woman has been charged with attempted murder for slashing her husband’s face because he left the bathroom “stinky.”   I’m not a marriage counselor, but I think this situation might have been avoided if the couple took some preventive actions such as:

1. Investing in some Glade air freshener or scented candles.

2. Purchasing gas masks which sound an alarm when the odor level reaches a dangerous level.


Not getting married when one partner is a homicidal maniac.

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11 thoughts on “Flushing a Marriage Down the Toilet”

  1. Daily, a married coworker used the only bathroom for women on our floor early in the morning. She left it so rancid that we had to go to other floors. I used to joke, “What does she do on weekends and holidays?” Now I see that there may be a reason. Incidentally, she was Japanese!

  2. Poor man. Is he going to sue ‘er?
    Maybe wedding vows should be revised: “For richer for poorer, in sweetness and in stinky.”
    I wonder what the bathrooms smell like in prison.

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