Fortunate To Have People Keeping Us Safe


Pretty soon jihadists in America are gonna start attacking women for showing their ankles and start telling us what we can and can’t do. Most people don’t realize this. But fortunately, there are patriots out there who do.

On Friday a large group of anti-islam protesters gathered outside a mosque in Phoenix and waved drawings of Muhammad. Some attendees wore t-shirts urging people to perform a sex act on a religion. There were lots of bald people with beards and guns, and that was just the women. There were also lots of angry guys in attendance as well.

You might be wondering why Arizona is such a hotbed of anti-Islam sentiment. Well, the Southwest has been in a drought for the past fourteen years. That puts the onset of drought in 2001, the same year as the September 11th attacks. Patriots like those attending Friday’s rally realize that the region is parched because Islamists have been slowly stealing all the fresh water in the region. The government just isn’t telling us what’s happening.

All good patriotic movements need a catchy salute. The Nazis had their right-arm-in-the-air gesture (which must’ve sucked for people who were left-handed). So the Arizona patriots have developed their own gesture:


The great thing about this salute is that you can do it with either hand. I for one am glad that someone is looking out for their fellow Americans.

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