GOP Debate Back On As NBC Agrees To Remove Moderators, Cameras, Questions


Days ago, the Republican National Committee suspended its February debate with NBC News because they were upset over the handling of CNBC’s recent debate in Boulder, Colorado. Many candidates felt they were ambushed with what they called “gotcha” questions, meant to extract information from them.


“Every time they said my name, they were asking me another question. It’s just the sort of disgusting thing I expect from liberal moderators conducting a debate,” said Texas Senator Ted Cruz. “They asked me things that made me personally uncomfortable,” added Florida Senator Marco Rubio. “I was told there would be no math…but yet there was math,” said Dr. Ben Carson. Donald Trump also lodged complaints over questions that weren’t asked during the debate. “Not once was I asked ‘Which country is the greatest country in the world?’ which by the way is the USA. Not once did they ask ‘Who has the most beautiful wife?’ which is of course Melania. Not once did they say ‘Raise your hand, anybody who is worth ten billion dollars.’ It was despicable.”

Sarah Palin supported the move to suspend the NBC debate, going even further to suggest that candidates should refuse to talk to “liberal media” outlets entirely. “When we were running years ago, the Republican machine forced me into interviews with the liberal lamestream media where I was always edited to appear bumbling and incompetent.”

But it appears that the NBC debate is back on after RNC chairman Reince Priebus extracted several key concessions from the network, designed to establish a fair playing field. In order to satisfy the angry chorus of candidates who believe they were treated unfairly, NBC has ultimately agreed to dispense with moderators altogether, creating a more impartial environment. Also absent from the coming debate will be video cameras and any audio recording equipment, as well as any statements that might possibly be construed as a question.

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