Stephen Hawking is a Stupid Jerk

Time-travelling GOP Cyborgs Fact-Check the Future When would you go back to if you could time travel?   The Golden Age of Greece?  The Court of Louis XIV?  The Woodstock years? Personally, I would go back to 2013 to warn about Windows 8.   “I am from the future, ye ancient people of … Continue reading

Things I’ve Learned at the Circus

The Cleveland Circus has opened under the guise of the Republican National Convention. It’s “Trumpalooza” all decked out in red, white, blue and orange. In the center ring is the largest clown ever to run for President. Watch as Donald McTrumpy surrounds himself by outrageously … Continue reading

Sound Familiar?

When questioned about the swirling accusations of plagiarism, Melania Trump replied, “I would never plagiarize someone else’s speech. I’m so very proud of my original opening statements, “Only in America can a young black man; the son of a single white mother on welfare, grow up to be the … Continue reading

Trump Diagnosed with Tourette’s

Newly released medical records explain Donald Trump’s refusal to apologize for his recent hostile outbursts. “We have reason to suspect Trump suffers from a rare form of Tourette’s that causes him to compulsively blurt out highly inappropriate, offensive comments,” said RNC chairman … Continue reading