Shoot for the Stars

The 2016 Presidential race is not the first to embrace the concept of replacing professionals (i.e. Washington insiders) with people devoid of experience.  Back in the mid 70s, Libyan dictator Gaddafi issued a decree demanding that all professionals, including college professors, be replaced … Continue reading

Scalia in Heaven

“After all I’ve done for them, this is how they treat me?” moaned Justice Scalia, wringing his hands. “Stop kvetching,” said Justice Brandeis, “At least you’re up here. Not down there with the rest of your party.” “You don’t understand,” said Scalia. “I won’t … Continue reading

Do Not Call

 “Hello? Hello?” (pause) “Hi. This is Suzy.” “Um, yes?” “You’re receiving this call because you’ve been recommended by a friend who hates your guts!” “I beg your pardon?” “According to our records, you suffer from multiple personality disorder and … Continue reading

The Elephant in the Room

“I’m like an elephant, I never forget,” said Donald Trump. “If I remember seeing thousands of Muslims cheering in Jersey on 9/11, who’s to say it didn’t happen? You can’t fact-check memory!” “Yes, but you can fact-check the media,” said This Reporter. “So, the media … Continue reading

Test for Syrian Refugees

By Stacia Friedman Republican presidential candidates have mandated that all refugees to the U.S. pass the following test of Judeo Christian Values. The Constitution guarantees the right to: A) Equal pay for women; B) Drive a car that you won’t own for five years; C) Buy a gun online … Continue reading