Let Freedom Ring


The CDC recently reported that the number of Americans afflicted with measles is now up to 102. With this becoming a hot-button issue, the 2016 presidential contenders are now weighing in. Hillary Clinton has come out in favor of vaccination. Chris Christie has changed positions more times than an actor in 50 Shades Of Grey. And John Boehner has stated that he supports vaccination.

But what’s the one thing these people all have in common? Yup, none of them are doctors. On serious issues like this, it’s essential for informed citizens to turn to a medical professional. So, on Monday Doctor Rand Paul told a radio interviewer:

“I have heard of many tragic cases of walking, talking, normal children who wound up with profound mental disorders after vaccines.”

Doctor Paul later clarified his remark, stating that he was only talking about his own personal experience of being vaccinated.

But while this issue is still be being debated, one thing is certain. Again, from Dr. Paul:

“Parent’s should have some input. The state doesn’t own your children.”

Dang tootin’. It’s about the freedom to do with your body whatever you want. And what’s the one body-part that suffers the most from government overreach and intrusion from the nanny state?


Correct. Your hands are your property. The government shouldn’t be allowed to tell you what to do with them. So, if you’re heading back to your job stocking produce after cutting one, what you do or don’t do in the restroom should be your choice. And your choice only.

Some people just don’t understand freedom.

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2 thoughts on “Let Freedom Ring”

  1. My forehead is bruised from my palm smacking it so many times. The downside of freedom: “I have heard of” and “many people say” takes the place of scientific studies and empirical evidence because “freedom means I have a choice.”

    There really needs to be a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting willful ignorance.

  2. Thank you, Thomas, I had no idea what had caused Dr. Rand Paul to demonstrate profound problems. So, it was his vaccination, was it? Of course one’s personal experience is usually their own experience but in this case redundancy is fine because it serves to assert more vainly the authorship.

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