14 thoughts on “Librarians! Who’s Ready For A Game Of Library Bingo?”

  1. Both great articles. I immediately forwarded the college essay article to a friend who is in the business of helpling students w/their essays. I know she will love it.

    Librarian article is another hoot!

  2. My favorite is when you are told a very personal, inappropriate medical condition. Ack

  3. On really bad days, I guess you play full-coverage Bingo. Maybe you could also develop a drinking game?

    1. Thank you for writing the Philly Inquirer article on cheating and on the proper way to help a student with writing. That’s a much-needed, important article, and I applaud you for it.

      1. THANKS!! (And nobody helped me write it! Although my editor did come up with a much better title for it than the one I’d submitted it with.)

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