London Zoo Love Triangle Sacks Meerkat Keeper

Watch out for those London Zoo love triangles. A meerkat keeper was dismissed when she hit a monkey handler with a wine glass over a llama keeper.

Carolyn Westlake, the meerkat keeper, who is much larger than insect wrangler Carolyn Westbrook, hit monkey handler, Kate Sanders, in the face with a long stemmed wine glass over the affections of the handsomely rugged llama keeper, Adam Davies.

Westlake was fired and ordered to pay 800 pounds ($ 1235) to the monkey handler, Sanders. Sanders’ holler monkeys turned to Westlake and said “Na, Na, nana, nana” in monkey language. Westlake’s meerkats stood guard to make sure the holler monkeys didn’t attack.

Adam Davies remained ruggedly handsome while his women quarreled and their animals snarled. His llamas remained cool while wearing nice coats.

British trial observers said it wasn’t unusual for zoologists to form love triangles. However, they find it strange none of the animals were participating.



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