No, I Have NOT Seen This Movie Too Many Times!

Old Lady With Remote ControlOkay. This is ridiculous. I have been accused of many things, and in some cases the accusations have been justified. But to say that I have seen The Princess Bride too many times?


Yes, that word means what I think it means, and I chose to use it.

The thing is, I believe in twoo wuv … excuse me, true love, and I like feel-good movies that are also really funny. I can’t help it. I am a decent fel … woman, and if I am lying may I be forced to move into an apartment infested with rodents of unusual size.

I would never go through a wedding, fake or not, if I would end up being called Mrs. Humperdinck, even if I got to wear a gorgeous gown and some drop-mostly-dead jewelry. That would be pure garbage and putrescence. Boo!

So please don’t tell me I have seen that movie too many times. It is impossible to see it too many times. In fact, I think it’s on cable TV again this weekend. If so, I guess I have my Saturday night planned.

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9 thoughts on “No, I Have NOT Seen This Movie Too Many Times!”

  1. I don’t know Kathy, there’s a whole lot of protesting too much going down for Bill Y’s liking!
    Great post 😉

    1. Thank you, and I will have fun storming the castle, if I ever get around to it. 😉

    1. I have yet to read “The Princess Bride,” but I am in the middle of reading Cary Elwes’ book about the making of the movie, and am enjoying it immensely.

    1. What? You don’t want to see kissing that’s right up there in the top ten? 😉

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