Show Me Da Money


Why does this man look so happy? Well, according to the Huffington Post, Marco Rubio might’ve just landed himself a pimp. The news site is reporting that a casino magnate in Las Vegas is leaning towards throwing millions of dollars culled from tourist/suckers into Rubio’s presidential campaign. This guy spent $100 million on a GOP candidate in 2012 (an excellent investment yielding a whopping 0% return!) and is expected to do the same this time around.

But this kind of money doesn’t come easy. You have to earn it. In 2012 a housekeeper at one of the magnate’s Las Vegas hotels secretly filmed the meeting between the magnate and his favored candidate:


Not pretty. Apparently things got ugly after the magnate brought up the subject of Trickle Down.

Other presidential candidates are busy lining up their pimps. The news recently reported that Scott Walker is favored by the Koch brothers, who plan to spend $1 billion on the election. That much money could unleash some serious attack ads, thereby making Rubio look about as professional as a drunk guy pushing a stroller down the Vegas Strip.

The big speculation now turns to who Rand Paul will land as his pimp:

Yo! I wanna be your ho, bro.
Yo! I wanna be your ho, bro.


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  1. Sugartastic Daddy John was once accused of plying his trade as a pimp. If the name fits…

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