Surge in Support for Putting The Donald on $10 Bill

trumpThe movement to replace Alexander Hamilton with Donald Trump on the new $10 bill is attracting huge support from across the nation according to the Donald on the Greenback (DOG) campaign.

“We’ve been inundated with emails and voicemails from people who are so happy over the idea that they seem almost delirious with joy,” said DOG press officer Nathan Noaccount.

The campaign has gained ground since releasing its five-point manifesto for pink-slipping Hamilton in favor of Trump.

1. People often laugh when they see an image of Donald Trump, a reaction that would lighten the burden of parting with their hard-earned money when spending $10 bills.

2. Trump’s quiff is almost impossible to replicate, making it more difficult for forgers to produce counterfeit bills.

3. Donald Trump continues the tradition that started with Andrew Jackson of using highly unpleasant people to populate the nation’s currency.

4. We already have “Benjamins” as a result of featuring Benjamin Franklin on the $100 bill; it’s time to add “Donalds” to the pantheon of money characters

5. Trump is a natural fit. Both the value of the $10 bill and The Donald’s credibility decline each year.

DOG is asking for $10 donations from supporters. Send your bills to DOG, Sub-Sub-Basement, Trump Tower, New York.

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