The Proud Irishman

As a proud Irishman, I was offended by the mocking words staring back at me. They reinforced a stereotype that didn’t sit well at all. I decided to do what any proud Irishman would do and posted a picture on social media. Next came the confrontation with the chef and I was riled up and ready to give him the piece of my mind that I had left. Screaming like an almost sober, semi-succinct yet hungry punter, I bade him explain his menu. He immediately went on the defensive and explained that the potato was slow-cooked in Guinness. When I heard this, I calmed down, shook his hand and bought him a pint before I had my meal.


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10 thoughts on “The Proud Irishman”

  1. Even though the Boston Irish in me says this is a good deal, doing the math here gives me pause. If I drank 6 pints of Guinness, that would be 16 0z. X 6 = 96 ounces of Guinness, plus a potato! I don’t think I’d have enough room for all that in my truncated Irish body. Gentlemen, the potato has to go.

    1. Math and Guinness just doesn’t work. If we mash the potato up and drench it in Guinness, you won’t even know it’s there.

  2. Boston being the most Irish city in America, it is fertile ground for anti-Irish jokes including the one above, although here it is told as a six-pack (of beer) and a potato. Being of Irish heritage on my dad’s side but with an English name, I hear a lot of these that aren’t repeated in front of the O’Halloran’s, etc.

    1. Italians have it just as bad. Along with the assumption that we all have mafia connections, we get the mangling of our family names.

      The next person who calls me “Manicotti” will get some real manicotti stuffed up any available orifice, starting with the nose.

      I’ve heard Mario Lanza referred to as “Mario Lasagna.” That’s enough to make Mario rise from his grave and exact a terrible revenge for the dishonor of his mother’s family name. (His real name was Alfred Cocozza.)

    2. I must visit Boston and hook uo with the O’Hallorans. We can share tales of liquid sustenance.

    1. We don’t have Guiness for breakfast but lunch, lunch is a totally different liquid meal.

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