You’ve Changed. No, Wait A Min… I’ve Changed.

The first time you meet Bill Y and he’s all pleasant, personable and sober but the second time you meet me, it’s all:


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4 thoughts on “You’ve Changed. No, Wait A Min… I’ve Changed.”

    1. Now I have no idea who Mr. Flopears is but I think I’ll believe everything he says as soon as he puts on pants that is!

  1. It’s Mr. Flopears! I LOVE Mr. Flopears! He taught me so much when I was little–how to make the best of another crappy rainy day, how I’d enjoy it so much more if I splashed around without wearing any damned f***in’ pants.

    1. Mr. Flopears sounds like an amazing teacher. Only half of my teachers looked and taught like him.

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