Football Coach Squanders Halftime Talking About Grabbing Women Instead of Second Half Strategy

University of South Georgia coach Don Trunk admits making a terrible mistake when he spent halftime of Saturday’s 33-13 loss to Northwest Florida talking about grabbing pussies instead of making proper adjustments to his defense. When teams hit the lockers at the conclusion of the first half, the Spartans only trailed by 7 points, but Trunk and his staff spent almost the entire 20 minutes of halftime talking about grabbing pussies.

“In hindsight, I suppose I could have made some adjustments, because they were killing us on third down out there. But this is the kind of talk that goes on in locker rooms all across America on Saturdays. Probably Sundays too, I’d guess. Kissing women after popping a Tic Tac and grabbing pussies. It’s just locker room talk. Anybody who says they aren’t talking about pussy-grabbing is just lying to you.”

Northwest Florida winning coach Hal Anderson insists that his team did not mention pussies even once during the break. “No, I can’t say that came up at all. We addressed the play action fakes that we kept falling for in the first half. We also stressed better execution on our first down offensive plays. We also made sure the guys were well hydrated.”

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