It’s Giving Tuesday So Can We all Try to Find Talia a Forever Home?

taliacollageI wasn’t going to do a post on this, but it’s my site so…I’m playing queen today…that’s a joke…I play queen everyday. Another joke…Anyway, it’s #GivingTuesday and after the last six months of political hell we have all gone through, let’s do something positive and positive for me is finding this darling Talia a forever home. I know people say why don’t foster parents keep a dog they love, but it’s hard to find foster homes for German Shepherds and German Shepherd mixes because they are so high energy and intelligent and can prove to be a challenge for the non-experienced. My daughter and son-in-law do a lot of training with their own GSD Theo, so they are a great foster home for these dogs. Keeping Talia would prevent them from taking other dogs  in need down the road. However, we can attest that Talia is a lovey dovey pooch whose family simply decided last week they didn’t want her anymore. She loves to run and would make a great running companion. She loves her foster brother Theo and she loves to cuddle! what else do you need and she has those great ears. If you know someone who would love to give this dog a great home, please email me at or or message me on twitter @dtcav.   The sponsoring rescue does do adoptions from all states but you have to pick her up at the Malvern, PA office.

Some specifics: Talia is almost 2 and is spayed.  She is a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois mix so she loves to run and play. She is timid at first but then she just cuddles and kisses.  talia


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7 thoughts on “It’s Giving Tuesday So Can We all Try to Find Talia a Forever Home?”

  1. I will post this on Facebook, in hopes that it will reach the right people.

    I already have a cat who is the Queen of the Apartment, and my co-op doesn’t allow dogs, or I would love to have Talia myself.

    1. It’s okay, she would be a handful in that she is young and a dog that needs to run! That’s why they say someone who is into running would be great for her. Thanks though!

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