Stand Up And Cheer For It Is Clear That This Is The Cubs Victory Year!

It is that season of the year
when does flow the beer

in only two stadiums throughout the land.


It is time for the Series

so forget your miseries

and come out and join the band.


There is a strange new presence

within the park fence

that hasn’t been seen for decades.


It is a time of reckoning

for a prize that is beckoning;

to a certain team it more temptingly bades.


For the time has come

for few home runs

sponsored by the illustrious Cubs.


From the streets of the windy city

echoes a chilly ditty

shouting “Now it is our turn Bub!”


“To take the mantle of fame

that we deserve to gain

of the hallmark of batting heights.”


“So let us then spar

in this annual war

that now rages beneath Wrigley’s harsh lights.”


“So stand aside and open the way

as we walk proudly into the fray

So long have we dreamed of this one.”


“It should fall to all men’s reason

that now is the season

for Chicago’s day in the sun.”


“So let it be uttered

we rose from the gutter

and made our way back to the fore.”


The Cubs have long waited

with a thirst that’s unabated

and them we can no longer ignore.


Its pride can finally swell

they’ve fought their way out of hell

with a ferocity rare.


And somewhere deep neath the ground

a soul’s voice rejoices unbound

Ernie Banks cries “Yea, we’re finally there!!!”


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4 thoughts on “Stand Up And Cheer For It Is Clear That This Is The Cubs Victory Year!”

  1. May the Cubs enjoy glory,
    complete their long story,
    and spend all in their baseball purse.

    For there is nothing more fleeting
    than a World Series greeting,
    and vanquishing a time worn curse.

    1. Thanks for the…….
      Hey, wait a minute- with that gear on are you sure you’re not a Minnesota Twins fan?

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