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We went all hockey this episode! Hockey Hall of Famer and 7-time Stanley Cup winner, Bryan Trottier is in the studio… WITH HIS GUITAR!!!! He sings, he tells stories about his first contract signing AND the stench of hockey equipment. Phil Pritchard, the “Keeper of the Stanley Cup” is on the phone from the Hockey Hall of Fame, The Food Tasters are in the studio and, we have in-podcast cut-ins from Pens In-Game Entertainment Host, Celina Pompeani.

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Phil Pritchard, Stanley Cup on the YaJagoff PodcastCelina Pompeani on the YaJagoff Podcast 43_celina2 Bryan Trottier on the YaJagoff Podcast

YaJagoff! Podcast – SHOW NOTES: Hockey, Hockey, Hockey (Well, Kind Of)

Music: Bryan Trottier (yep, the Hockey Hall of Famer), Smattering of Country Music Classics

Note: Bryan plays all of our music breaks AND sings “Walk the Line” at the end of the podcast!

01:20 We found a way to have a hockey episode without actually talking about hockey. Celina Pompeani is in the podcast studio building to play games with various guests and visitors in between “periods.” FYI, Celina is our first Emmy-winning guest.

06:03 Tasha from The Food Tasters is in the studio and she has way more than arena nachos and hot dogs to talk about!

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15:01 Hockey Hall of Famer, 7-time Stanley Cup Winner, Bryan Trottier, entertains us with a “Jagoff Song,” talks about his first contract signing, age 17, how his father “resurfaced” their pond each day for hockey, the stench of hockey equipment and the best beer for beer league hockey!

Includes an in-podcast cut-in from our in-podcast entertainment host, Celina Pompeani.

37:10 Philip Pritchard, of the NHL Hockey Hall of Fame, is the guy that you have seen in all of the Stanley Cup commercials, promos and, of course in Pittsburgh all of this summer. Thanks to Frozen Pond and Tim Holeczy for arranging this guest!

54:44 Celina is in section 708, near the vending machine, of the Pittsburgh Podcast Network studio with DJ Flick for another in-podcast cut-in.

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