What I Learned From Magazines This Week

One in five Americans has secret debt their partner doesn’t know about.
(Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, 2/16)

By: Sean MacEntee

A pilot recently taxied past the spot where he was supposed to stop on the runway because he was busy showing his iPad to a fellow pilot.
(The Atlantic, 12/15)

There are currently more than 100 trained Cuddle Party Facilitators worldwide. (A Cuddle Party is a gathering in which mixed gender, intergenerational attendees, some in pajamas, meet to give and receive nonsexual caresses.)
(AARP The Magazine, 01/16)

People with higher credit scores are more likely to form committed relationships and stay together.
(Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, 2/16)

Every year one in three adults over the age of 65 falls.
(AARP Bulletin, 12/15)

Recycled wastewater is far purer than most tap water.
(The Atlantic, 12/15)

Russian cosmonauts on the International Space Station give bags of their pee to American Astronauts to recycle and drink.
(The Atlantic, 12/15)

The Israeli Defense Force issues leather-free combat boots and wool-free berets to soldiers who register as vegan.
(The Atlantic, 12/15)

Basketball teams that engage in more high fives and chest bumps win more games.

By: Eric Chan

(AARP The Magazine, 01/16)

When actor John Boyega learned that he’d landed a starring role in the new Star Wars movie, he felt that “the whole world was perfect in that moment.”
(People, 01/04/16)

ronald-reagan1Ronald Reagan knew that the speech he gave to the nation after the Challenger disaster was a success when Frank Sinatra phoned him afterwards.
(AARP The Magazine, 01/16)



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36 thoughts on “What I Learned From Magazines This Week”

  1. I’m only 61 and I fell last week. ;-( The one about the people with high credit scores more likely to maintain committed relationships—duh. We’re responsible. You know. Mr. and Mrs. Excitement.

  2. Wow, can you do this every week for us? I would be so much smarter and more interesting if I could read these on a regular basis! (Although I feel like gagging a little about the Russian pee.) And I’m going to start chest bumping my fellow writers to see if it makes me write better.

  3. Hello, comrade, have a bag of pee. No,make mine recycled waste water, thanks. These are great,and a little unappetizing! Thanks for keeping us in the know,Roz.

  4. I guess the important takeaway for me is to get to a Cuddle Party ASAP because the Boomer to the left of me and the Boomer to the right of me are standing up straight and tall. Then again, at least Frank Sinatra hasn’t called me lately.

  5. Does it still count if one is skiing and hits an icy patch? Better have sharp edges to help.
    Can you ‘splain about vegan not wearing wool? After all the sheep need to be sheared so they can grow new coats…or am I being naive?

    Enjoy your Pajama Parties. Cheers

  6. If all the pilots, basketball players, Star Wars actors and soldiers around the world wore pajamas at all times (vegan of course) could everyone get tucked in? At least some of the planet’s problems would probably be solved. Thanks, Roz – inspiring as always!

  7. I agree with Tam. Seniors must be really careful because I’m only 23 and I fall a lot more than once a year.

  8. Yes, I saw some of these. The Cuddle party really got me. Then again, the pilot? Scary stuff. And the vegan outfits? I have nothing to say on that one.

  9. Mixed gender, intergenerational, nonsexual caresses, with some people in PJ’s: In my day we didn’t call it a Cuddle Party. We called it “Getting Tucked In.”

      1. Saw you at Boomercafe.com yesterday and today in the new February issue of Reader’s Digest. You’re everywhere!

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