How do you know? I’ll tell you how!

Today you get to see one of my mistakes……..I made a video for the National Caregiving Conference, but as I’ve done since first grade in St. Aloysious Catholic School, I did not follow directions. So, I’m making another one………..but for a screw-up, it’s not bad. And the #NCC17 #NationalCaregivingConference said, “Hey, ……share it, anyway!” So, I am…because if there’s anything I do too much, it’s share!

P.S. I also think they said under their breath, “next time, read the directions.” But Sister Marie Genevieve said that a billion times and it never worked.

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12 thoughts on “How do you know? I’ll tell you how!”

  1. If you’re keeping a daily log of someone’s bathroom habits—and sharing that information with others, . . . you might be a caregiver.

    Or maybe you’re just a pervert.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. My content needs to be about the theme, not a call to get to the conference. So, I’ll do 2 more minutes. What with the wine and all…I should be okay! Ha!

  2. Couldn’t see the screw-up at all. It was a great video. I couldn’t answer yes to any of those statements, so I guess I’m not a caregiver but now I want to go just to hear you! 🙂

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