John McCain begins hunger strike to demand personal integrity from President Trump.

PHOENIX, AZ–John McCain, the senator from Arizona who has endured tremendous personal sacrifice in service of his county, has begun a hunger strike to demand that Donald Trump act with the dignity required of a US president.

The hunger strike is the latest of McCain’s sacrifices for country. He had both arms and one leg broken in a plane crash while serving in the Navy during the Vietnam War.

He then endured five and a half years of imprisonment and torture at the hands of the North Vietnamese, refusing early release to show solidarity with fellow American POWs.

In 2008, he lost the presidential election thereby saving the nation from the possibility that running mate Sara Palin–an ill-informed and incompetent politician–might become President in the event of his death.

McCain recently turned 80 and had planed to spend his remaining years hiking and fishing. But he has again been called to sacrifice for country, now that the White House is in fact controlled by an ill-informed and incompetent politician.

If his hunger strike fails to improve President Trump’s behavior, McCain has threatened self immolation–a political maneuver he learned from Vietnamese Buddhist monks–to prod Congress into launching impeachment proceedings.

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2 thoughts on “John McCain begins hunger strike to demand personal integrity from President Trump.”

  1. Now I’m worried about Senator McCain, ’cause I think he’s going to be a very hungry guy. Of course, when I’m on a diet, I can be very, very mean and that could be an effective tool.

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