Look for the Silver Lining…..

I have noticed that in my circle of friends and even outside my circle and all the next intervening Venn Diagram circles, that everyone is talking about topics that we never did before.

I think we may have to actually thank the President for this one.

What this means by default is that no one is talking about all the boring things we used to talk about. These five things seem to be off the table for months now:

  1. When was the last time you heard someone complain about their gallbladder?
  2. I haven’t heard a peep about a hip replacement, knee replacement, or cataract surgery for months.
  3. No one has said they need to get to the gym. They’re already there talking about other things and apparently working off some undue stress.
  4. I’ve heard no complaints about walking, bending, stretching, reading glasses, use of technology, peeing, or adult children.
  5. Even spousal complaints seem to have had a steep drop.

Conversely, there has been an uptick in certain things:

  1. Photos of Adorable Grandchildren
  2. Puppy Posts
  3. Blood Pressure Cuff Purchases
  4. Wine
  5. Beer
  6. Vodka

I think if we look for a silver-lining on a daily basis we can at least agree that all these things are good. I’d say good for all of us, but some of us should probably stay away from the wine, beer and vodka. It may be making us more vocal. Or we may have some falling accidents that land us in the ER. And then that would be all we are talking about. Or perhaps the increase in sales means an increase in consumption which is not consistent with the whole January-New Year-get-healthier thing and that may be what’s causing all the consternation…… or it could be the President.

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6 thoughts on “Look for the Silver Lining…..”

  1. I live near the border, do not support the wall, and BELIEVE the national drink should be tequila. After all the margarita is a left coast original drink.

  2. The presidency is a black hole, sucking all conversation toward it and only it.


  3. Thirsty Dave regularly mixes wine, beer and vodka. He calls it “breakfast.”

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