Bad Advice Friday, 3-31-17

Today is once more Bad-Advice Friday. I shall be dispensing bad advice to all comers. The advice will stupendously bad. RO asks: Why do I need a trip to Hawaii? Dear RO: Your life is […]

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Coconut Pepper Steak and Xavier Cougat, Mathematician

Mauretanian Entree COCONUT PEPPER STEAK INGREDIENTS 2 cups rice 3 tablespoons cornstarch ¼ cup dry white wine 3 green bell peppers 3 garlic cloves 3 pounds beef tenderloin 2 cubes beef bouillon ⅓ cup peanut […]

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Beef Noodle Soup and Susan’s Ladder to Mars


Taiwanese Soup BEEF NOODLE SOUP INGREDIENTS 5 garlic cloves 1 inch ginger root 6 scallions (white part of green onions) 1 Roma tomato 2 Thai chiles or red chiles 8 cups water (or enough to […]

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Crispy Fish Scallopini, Mastodon Steaks, and Mount Vesuvious


American Entree CRISPY FISH SCALLOPINI INGREDIENTS 2 garlic cloves 1 pound cod fillets or other white fish ¼ cup flour (1 more tablespoon later) ¼ teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon sage ¼ teaspoon salt 3 tablespoons […]

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