Our First Political Endorsement – Daylin Leach for US Congress

Okay, we know, we are a humor site and rarely do we take on serious. But watch the announcement video by Daylin Leach. He is 100% serious about representing the seventh congressional district of PA, and he is also able to tackle these serious issues and nerve wracking times with a good amount of wisdom and wit.   The fact that our political views align with Daylin and the fact that he is an HO writer as well as a talented satirist, make him a perfect candidate for us!

You may wonder isn’t this early for the 2018 elections? Well, while the general election is still 16 months away the PA primary is only about 9 months away and there are already a handful of declared democrats in this race.

Please visit his website or follow Daylin on his campaign Facebook page and on Twitter at @DaylinLeach and @Daylin4Congress

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One thought on “Our First Political Endorsement – Daylin Leach for US Congress”

  1. This is one of the very few things that can make me sorry I live in New York, so that I can’t vote for Democrats somewhere else! It’s Democrat Heaven here!

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