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SPARKS BRIEF: Terror from DC in 3D

July 7, 2017

Moviegoers who’ve rushed to see this summer’s box office hit, Wonder Woman, prepare yourself for a more compelling action, mystery, horror, political, bone-chilling blockbuster to watch as the next several months unfold.

Coming straight from Washington, DC and the Kremlin is the frightening tale of Trump. He’s an incompetent Reality TV Real Estate Tycoon who unbelievably becomes the worst U.S. President ever. Appearing on a TV channel, an internet news site, a newspaper, a magazine, or a Twitter feed is “Attack of the Orange Blob.”

Watch as this bloated, sociopath in adult diapers, tries to blindly maneuver his way through the halls of Capitol Hill. Never before has there been such a performance since the Madness of King George. As our summer of global warming (a plot from the “Ghinese”) heats up so does the action.

The Colluder-In-Chief with his cabinet of monstrosities gather in the war room to conceive a diabolical plan to destroy healthcare, promote tax cuts for the wealthy, blame poverty on the poor, obstruct justice and give facelifts a bad name.

You’ll be whistling “Dixie” while Jackson Pickett Beauregard Sessions testifies before the Senate. From his wicker veranda chair, Sessions declares that his mind is like a southern bayou fog recollecting anything about meeting any Russians.

“Oh, fiddledeedee’ I don’t think I spoke to any Russians at the Mayflower Hotel. I just remember eating some corn and taters while sipping my mint julep,” Sessions swears. “Washington’s so hectic. It’s nothing like lazy days on the plantation with my mammy. I get so confused I’m like a fart in a fan factory!”

You’ll cringe in horror as Donald the orange-creamsicle melts in the Rose Garden while he lies, deflects and changes more positions than the Kama Sutra. Meanwhile, top White House Aides hide under sofas and behind bushes to avoid answering any questions about the vortex of evil spinning out of control in the oval office.

While 4:00 AM toilet “tweet storms” create havoc, all hope is not lost because the Orange Blob has a secret weapon –  Jared the Wonder Yentl. Created in a secret chamber beneath Katz’s Deli NYC, comes the mute, shadow figure who Trump claims will solve all the country’s problems and locate Hillary’s secret woods hideout.

Jared who defies the spoken word and business ethics, has yet to display his super powers other than hiring prominent lawyers to protect his Moscow Mojo from the Senate Russian Probe.

Witness Melania finally move into the White House after months of trying to flee the country. Portraying the dutiful First Lady, Melania defends her husband’s nasty plastic surgery tweet admitting, “I’ve had things removed and altered like my dignity and emotions. I also have entire body exfoliated every time little Donald try to touch me.”

As the terrifying tales keep unfolding–– distortion, disbelief, deceit with a dollop of dementia will play major roles. All this is brought to you in spine-tingling 3D. This presentation is not suitable for children or adults of any age. No refunds will be given. The price was paid at the voting booths and by Russian Hackers.




Vince G. Sparks

Vince G. Sparks, freelance writer, and avid reader is a genetically creative person with a talent for expressing the written word. Vince has a background in communications, public relations, and journalism. Also, he spent many years in human resources navigating corporate America. He masterminds the blog Sparks Ignites, where he shares his “slice of life” stories and social commentary with insight, humor, and extra-dry wit. He’s been published in the Elephant Journal online magazine, with two articles selected as Editor’s Picks. He is a member of South Jersey Writers Group Board of Trustees. For more and to stay connected visit him on social media and his website

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3 Responses to SPARKS BRIEF: Terror from DC in 3D

  1. July 10, 2017 at 7:10 am

    I smell a blockbuster! get writing this screenplay!

  2. July 7, 2017 at 11:07 pm

    Wonder Woman is fiction, but this is REAL!!!! Now THAT’S real horror!

  3. Lynn
    July 7, 2017 at 1:43 pm

    Love it!

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