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Message from the President

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary people. While “heroes” seem to be in abundance these days, the world still seems to be going to hell in a hand-basket. That is why the California University of Pennsylvania (founded in 1852 in California, Pennsylvania; home of The Vulcans) is pleased to introduce the first-of-its-kind degree program – the Bachelor of Science in Super Heroism. The University has created this unique multi-disciplinary program to address the paucity of true super heroes plaguing the United States and the world. It is our belief that this program will turn out the best superheroes on the planet.

Below is the course catalogue for the inaugural semester of Fall 2017.

Register soon. We expect the classes to fill up rapidly.

Job placement and career counseling are available.

Contact the Financial Aid Office in person at Dixxon Hall or via phone at 724-938-4415 to see if you qualify for loan or grants.

Information on the Stan Lee Scholarship or the Jerry Siegel/Joe Sushter Memorial Scholarship can be obtained from the Office of Superhero Studies at 724-938-4999.


Angelo Armenti, Jr.


Course Schedule – Fall Semester

College of Textiles and Fashion

TF/S 301. Costumes and Capes

Nothing defines the Superhero more than the costume. This course will assist students in designing the costume that best fits their powers and personality. (3 credits)

TF/S 302. Advanced Capes (Also ST/S 202)

Though actually little used the cape has always been closely associated with Superheroes. New theories on the use of the cape will be explored. Also, new technologies in capery will be tested in a lab setting. (4 credits)

TF/S. 401 Masks

Different styles of masks will be explored from the domino mask (e.g., Green Lantern) to the full face mask (e.g. Spider Man). (3 credits)

TF/S 501. The Rise and Fall of the Unitard: 1936 to 1990s

Provides a historical overview of the unitard as the de rigueur costume for Superheroes from the birth of Superheroes in the 1930s to the decline in use of unitards beginning in the 1990s. (3 credits)

College of Business & Marketing

BUS 150. Wealth Management

Being a Superhero can be expensive – especially if you rely heavily on advanced technologies, a well-equipped secret lair or full time domestic help. If you have a personal fortune this course will guide you in investment techniques suited to your risk and Superhero profile. Mock stock portfolios will be managed. Guest lecturers will include Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Tony Stark (Iron Man). (3 credits)

BUS 305. Merchandising (3 credits)
BUS 601. Negotiating Book, TV, Movie and New Media Rights (3 credits), also LAW 300.
MAR 201. Controlling Your Image (3 credits)
MAR 201. Protecting Your Brand (3 credits)

With success as a Superhero many business opportunities will come your way. The above courses will provide guidance in marketing and protecting your hard-won image, merchandising and savvy negotiating skills for media rights to your story. Case studies will be examined.

College of Science & Technology

ST/S 900. Technology for the Super Hero

Technology can be a Superhero’s best friend. The Batmobile. Iron Man’s and Steel’s suits. Wonder Woman’s jet. Captain America’s shield. This course will aid the student in the development of technology that will enhance the student’s crime fighting abilities. (6 credits)

ST/S 902. Weaponry

“Speak softly and carry a big stick.” “Mutually assured destruction.” “The best defense is a good offense.” The preceding are some of the guiding objectives of this class. While the Superhero’s job is to defend humanity, it is wise to be as prepared as possible. Theories in weaponry will be discussed. (3 credits) Prerequisite: ST/S 900. Technology for the Superhero.

ST/S 202. Advanced Capes

See TF/S 302.

College of Liberal Arts

GS 900. So You Have No Super Power: The Role of Costumed Crime Fighters

So you weren’t bitten by a radioactive spider, come from another planet or injected yourself with some exotic cocktail of alien compounds, don’t worry, we still need and want you. Batman and Iron Man will lead this course and will discuss the role of the costumed crime fighter, lacking organic super powers. Enhancing natural abilities in strength, speed and agility will be an integral part of the course. (2 credits) ST/S 900. Technology for the Super Hero is a required follow up to this course.

PHI 501. Morality and Ethics of a Superhero (See PSY 801)

POL 503. Teaming Up with Other Superheroes: Historical and Future Relationships

This course examines the ways in which superheroes teamed up in the past. Case studies include the X Men, the Fantastic Four, the Justice League and the Avengers. With grounding in the past, students will propose different relationships types or models that balance personal needs with public needs. Also, the pro’s and con’s of different legal entities will be explored – e.g., limited liability company v. limited partnership, for profit v. non-profit.

College of Psychology

PSY 501. The Alias

A Superhero’s alias is not only important to the efficacy of the Superhero, but it is also vital to the safety of friends and family. This three-part course emphasizes:
– Defining Your Alias
– Protecting Your Alias
– Loving Your Alias as Yourself (9 credits)

PSY 701. Choosing & Living with a Sidekick

The use of sidekicks has been on the wane since the 1950s. However, a sidekick can play a pivotal role in the success of a Superhero. Sidekicks are actually recommended for those without genetic or otherwise obtained superpowers (i.e., Costumed Crime Fighters). This course provides guidance on how to choose a sidekick as well as living with a sidekick. The employer/employee v. friend relationship is explored. (3 credits)

For those students that do elect to work with a sidekick, BUS 319. Employee Benefits (1 credit) is required.

PSY 801. Avoiding the Dark Side

With super powers comes super responsibility and super temptation. This course examines case studies of former heroes who gave in to the Dark Side and became villains. Methods and theories of rehabilitation are explored. This class is required to graduate. (3 credits)

The following courses will be added in future semesters:

Political Science – Your City and You: Fostering Good Civic Relations
Architecture – Building Your Dream Lair/Secret Headquarters
Women and Minority Studies – Minorities in Tights

Also, the University will offer an Associates Degree in the Art and Science of Being a Sidekick. Courses include:

– Coordinating the Suits
– Friend or Business Partner? Defining the Relationship
– You Are Important: Protecting Your Self Image
– Weight training, martial arts and hand-to-hand combat

Night classes are available.

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