The Ultimate Modern Humor Article

Researchers at various humor think tanks and humor websites have been exhaustingly searching for clues on how to adapt comic articles to our modern times. With the increased dumbing down of the intellect imposed on the public by our schools, magazines and entertainment industry and the decreased attention span that comes with it, it has become increasingly difficult for the humor providers of this nation to give the masses their daily doses of ha-ha’s in a multi-paragraphed format that isn’t too strenuous for them.

This debility has lead to much clinical testing and research on the part of comic franchises that depend on humor as the drug of choice to provide to their legions of fans. It is quite annoying when the patronage falls asleep before getting to the second paragraph or answers their incoming text message never to return to the very funny article they were reading about how the neighbors dog chewed all the fur off the writer’s cat or how aliens abducted a man’s typical suburban housewife and returned her as sexy as Sophia Loren in her hey-day.

Scientists hired to do research work in this field have spent many unfunny days doing studies on whatever green college freshman needed the three bucks offered to take part in the experiments. Giving each experimentee several articles to read of varying length and difficulty of language in reading, the laugh scientists then gauged the reaction time, the level of laughter induced and the nodding off point of each article. A vast gamut of reactions was recording ranging from falling off the chair laughing to falling off the chair in zombie like boredom. Of course, some of the interviews led to the possibility of sexual intrigue with the interviewee, much of which ended up being as humorous as the intended subject matter.

After months of arduous work on the matter the intrepid researchers have winnowed the humor article down to an absolutely basic element from which all humor articles can be built. This would be the penultimate article; the minimalist atomical particle possible. Now, with all research analyzed and double checked and concluded with other humor study fields throughout the world, it can be revealed to the public.

This is the most basic humor article possible:
From this building block can all future humor articles find their foundation and build upon.

With that the scientific teams were satisfied with their work and moved on to other more serious subjects, like trying to identify if rats could discern the different flavors of cheese on a four cheese pizza or if grey whales can hit a low bass B flat when singing.

Thank you for reading this article and please wake up anyone reading it with you.

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  1. I hope you all realize this took years of study, research and contemplation.
    Something this light is not to be taken lightly!

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