Boomer on the Ledge doll creates pandemonium

My peaceful home has turned to chaos. Why? Because my house is full of adorable Boomer on the Ledge dolls.

I created The Boomer on the Ledge doll to accompany my adult picture book – Boomer on the Ledge (published by HumorOutcasts Press).The book was inspired by observing my grandsons discover the magic of Christmas by reading a book – The Elf on the Shelf. In that book an elf monitors children’s behavior, keeping them in line so Santa will bring them presents.

In contrast, the Boomer on the Ledge Doll featured in my book helps well-behaved women baby boomers to indulge in some mischief, while acknowledging the challenges of aging. Think of her as a best friend who helps you delight in a daily dose of silliness leading up to Christmas (and beyond.)

I cornered one of the dolls long enough to ask her this question, “Why are you the perfect Christmas gift?”

“I help people view the realities of aging as an experience that includes laughter and play, “ she said. “And I encourage creativity.”

Here’s what a Boomer on the Ledge doll owner told me, “My doll is doing what I would love to do. Because of her imagination, mine has been restored!”

When I introduced the doll along with the book last year, the dolls sold out instantly. I had to scramble to find a supplier to manufacture more. Was it a coincidence that it took nine months for the dolls to finally arrive? I think not, since there were plenty of labor pains involved in the process.

The good news is that I have more dolls. The bad news is that I have a lot more dolls, and it’s like having a house full of fun-loving women over for a pajama party. Complete with a pillow fight.

I found them swinging on a vine in the living room next to the Christmas tree.

At least they kept their clothes on.

Next, I found them snooping in the closet where my husband hides Christmas presents. I retaped the packages as best I could, but I know he’s going to think it was me who opened them.

I’m innocent. Really.

A moment later I saw them whirling on the ceiling fan.

Having one doll is perfect, but having a multitude is a calamity. I love them but they’ve got to go. Please help and order a doll. Or two. Or more.

You can order the Boomer on the Ledge book and Boomer on the Ledge doll here.

(If you just want the book, you can order it on Amazon).

The book and the doll make perfect gifts for the baby boomers in your life. Or if you want a cool new friend, get one for yourself, too. Just don’t be surprised if you after you put her in a Christmas stocking, later you find her in the punch bowl.

Merry Christmas!

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