It Comes From Within: Living with Bipolar Illness Highlights the Struggles of Mental Illness with Warmth, Courage and Humor

This week,HOPress-Shorehouse Books (Shorehouse Books)  is proud to release It Comes From Within: Living with Bipolar Illness.  If you battle this disorder or know someone who is, please read this book. It offers hope, determination and a good amount of humor too.  Co-author is Gloria Hochman, an award-winning journalist and author who co-wrote Brilliant Madness with Patty Duke. Mike and Gloria will be at Trail’s End Cafe in Bala Cynwyd, PA for a book signing and launch party on Saturday, September 29th from 1 to 3 PM. (More details to follow)


More than 40 years ago, Michael Solomon was diagnosed with Bipolar Illness. A successful food broker, Solomon felt isolated in a world that knew little about mental illness, but he knew he had to combat the obstacles and become a voice for the many who were living lives that few understood.
It Comes From Within: Living with Bipolar Illness chronicles the life path of Solomon and the trials and victories he has experienced since he had to come to terms with his illness.

“When I decided to write this book, It Comes From Within, I asked Gloria Hochman, a reporter I knew for guidance. I met her years before when she wrote a story in the Philadelphia Inquirer about Bipolar Illness and she interviewed me,” Solomon explained. “I needed to know if the book was publication worthy. When we reconnected, I knew she was the right person to help me get this message out.”

Hochman is also a New York Times best-selling author who co-wrote Brilliant Madness with the late Patty Duke. She has earned more than 23 awards including those from the Philadelphia Bar Association, Associated Press Managing Editors’ Association, and the American Society of Journalists and Authors.

“I was very interested in working with Michael. I could see he turned his life around,” Hochman noted. “I admired that he wanted to help others do the same.”

The Journey for completing It Comes From Within was arduous for Solomon. He had to recall painful times that resulted in loss of career opportunities and loss of relationships. But he endured. Despite the pain he has had deal with, his sense of humor and his love for his family comes through loud and clear.

“One of the most helpful ways of coping with my condition has been to involve myself in the mental health consumer movement on several levels.” He said. “I’ve been and continue to be an educator and public speaker working to broaden my story. I’ve also volunteered hundreds of hours organizing self-help groups which enable people to get support from individuals like themselves, and finally I have realized that being stable requires me being my own advocate communicating with my psychiatrist, pharmacist and vocational counselor.”

It Comes From Within: Living with Bipolar Illness offers hope to those who battle this disease but Solomon stresses that it is a battle that he shares with the people in his life.

“While we value nice homes, cars, clothes and food, it is good friends who are priceless,” offered Solomon. “I know that without this condition, I would have had a better income and a better capacity for dealing with stress, but my relationships and friendships would not have been quite so special or strong. And for this I am forever grateful.”

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