Talk Is Cheap

The midterms are two weeks away;
Let’s look at what I have to say.
All pay attention to my ranting,
Lack of truth there notwithstanding.

It matters not if Brett drank booze.
You know who’s beautiful? Ted Cruz.
The caravan brings terrorists
And MS-13 in its midst.

The Democrats are truly evil.
In my White House, there’s no upheaval.
The Dems behave as if a mob.
In coal and steel – so many jobs.

Beware! There may be voter fraud.
Greg Gianforte I applaud.
I plan to give the middle-class
A tax break (once midterms have passed).

Conditions that are pre-existing
Will be covered, I’m insisting.
There’s rioting in California.
#MeToo victims? Men, I warn ya’.

The Dems are giving migrants choices:
Who to vote for; Rolls-Royces.
A vote for Gillum will entail a
Change: FL next Venezuela!

Ronny Jackson sunk by Tester –
Hate I have for him will fester.
Gender choices fixed at birth.
U.S.: cleanest air on earth!

Climate change may not be actual.
Healthcare op-ed: not quite factual.
Migrants overrunning Mexico.
“Mad Dog” Mattis may be next to go.

I’m the Greatest Of All Time.
Gorbachev discussed my mind.
I’ll eliminate all debt
Soon enough – but not just yet.

Midterm voters are enthused,
As I ramble and confuse.
Votes for me: a Blue Wave buffer.
Otherwise, you all will suffer.

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