A Podcast, an Author and an Entertaining Interview: Screwed-Up Stories Interviews Arlene Schindler, author of Stand Up & Heartbreak: A Comic and a Sex Addict Walk into a Marriage…

We are so happy to show off this amazing podcast entitled Screwed-Up Stories. We noticed this show this week when they invited HOPress author Arlene Schindler to be a guest. If you missed this episode, check it out and mark this entertaining duo for future listens.  

Also, make sure to check out this funny, warm and wonderful memoir by Arlene Schindler. It is a gripping read.  Available on Amazon in paperback and kindle

Screwed-Up Stories Show Summary:

Let’s face it, we all screw up and finally, we’re talking about it!  Host Christine Blackburn (Story Worthy) and Comedian Rachael O’Brien (Be Here For Awhile)  host fearless guests telling true and personal tales you won’t believe about sex, dating, marriage, divorce, cheating, wellness, & re-building their lives. This is not a home and garden show. This isn’t Oprah. This is real life, and it’s hilarious.

This week’s podcast:

“Marrying A Sex Addict” Show Summary:

Arlene Schindler is an author and speaker. She originated the comedy column for The New York Post, writing reviews and ​profiles of comedians appearing in New York City. Her writing has appeared in The Los Angeles Times, Daily Variety, Purple Clover, Huffington Post and many other publications. Her new book is called Stand-Up and Heartbreak and you can find her at arleneschindler.com!  Today she joins the show to talk about marrying a sex addict!

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