Books for your Memorial Day Weekend


For your Memorial Day:  HOPress-Shorehouse Books is proud to present books either written by veterans or books that contain a military-era theme:

First up is from Former Army Officer Jamie Reidy –  The funny and talented Jamie Reidy  has three books from HOPress. The most recent is Sweep Her Off Feet: Seriously, Dude, Clean Up Your Place!  

CALLING ALL MOMS, AUNTS, SISTERS, COUSINS AND GAL PALS! This book just might save a guy you love from death by dust inhalation. Got a soon-to-be college graduate, fella moving out of his parents’ house, or a recently divorced man in your life? You know, a clueless single dude who truly believes that his toilet bowl cleans itself? This book is for him. Sweep Her Off Her Feet gives my cleaning-challenged compadre funny, yet practical instructions for quickly getting his place date-ready. It even provides the list of weapons he will carry into battle against the dark and dirty forces that have invaded his castle.

  • Kitchen? “Open the fridge. Throw out anything you don’t immediately remember buying, won’t pass the whiff test or has condensation inside the bottle.”
  • Bathroom? “Remember, women use TP every time they go. Every time. You’re gonna need a back up roll, brother. Also, spend the extra ten seconds it takes to place the roll on the actual toilet paper dispenser. This, by itself, will distinguish you from 90% of the guys she ever dated.”

Testimonial: “I wish he had this book forty years ago” – Jamie’s Mom (probably referring to his brother, Patrick, tbh)

Jamie Reidy is a best selling author and recovering slob. His first book Hard Sell served as the basis for the movie Love and Other Drugs, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as “Jamie.” (Jamie really likes typing that sentence.) and Need One: A Lunatic’s Attempt to Attend 365 Games in 365 Days and A Walk’s as Good as a Hit: Advice/Threats from my Old Man

 Written by retired  University of Pennsylvania professor and researcher Jim Saunders, Animal Dances revolves around life during World War I or as it is known, The Great War. By blending the eyewitness accounts of letters with historical fiction, Animal Dances creates an engaging story of a young man conscripted into war, who discovers an unknown capacity to be bold and decisive, while enduring unimaginable hardship. Before the war, he and Fannie cavorted carefree and rebellious with indecent abandon to the ragtime beat of the Animal Dances. That is a distant memory now as Harry struggles to survive the devastation of the Western Front while driving a wagon carrying a lethal cargo. Back home, his family grapples with a killing flu, and Fannie seeks to ease her fear that he will not come home. Surviving the searing yellow gas, Harry returns to find nothing the same, and only his war buddies save him from horrible memories. As life passes, he asks if it could have been different. This is a WWI story beyond the trenches, where men toil in constant danger, in a conflict that will impact them for a lifetime.

Farewell Amelia Mary: Long Time Looking by World War II veteran H.J. Worthington. The stories and vignettes in this book represent the experiences and memories from World War II veteran H.J. Worthington. A first-time author at the age of 90, Mr. Worthington offers readers a personal journey through some of America’s most important moments in time.



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