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Enema Of The People

February 20, 2019

McCabe, you know, is a liar,
And Rosenstein’s actions are treasonous.
Comey: not loyal, so I fired.
(Doesn’t matter what the true reason is.)
Sessions was a real beauty
(I sure don’t mean his looks).
The DOJ won’t do its duty –
Divisions are all filled with crooks.

We have the First Amendment,
Which ensures that the press can stay free.
100% I defend it –
Unless they write something ‘bout me.
I’ll sit there and firmly deny it,
And label the story Fake News
To make sure the public won’t buy it:
All big journalistic breakthroughs.

I make claims both false and fantastic;
Pull numbers right out of the air.
A question for me? Yes, please ask it –
A truthful response won’t be there.
It seems it’s the height of hypocrisy:
I label the press as mendacious –
When lying by me and my posse,
Like measles, is highly contagious.

I’ve managed, through all of my antics,
To circle myself with apologists.
Once critics, they’re now sycophantics.
(The “Why?” is best left to psychologists).
The victor, it’s said, is the owner of all spoils;
But now, after two years of chaos and turmoil,
As Mueller stays up way past midnight to burn oil –
My tweets suggest I’m getting frantic.

John Branning

Read more of John Branning's posts at JohnBranning.com, with his political verse now found at TheTrumpPoems.com.

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