Making Things Perfectly Clear

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has caught a whole lot of flack, for calling ICE detention centers on our southern border “Concentration camps”. We like Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez as she grew up in the Da Bronx. Well sort of, as some people have pointed out that she actually grew up in Westchester, which is a very rich suburb of New York City, just north of Da Bronx. But if someone thinks they grew up in Da Bronx, that’s good enough for us. Many famous figures associated with the Da Bronx like great Yankee ballplayers from Babe Ruth to Derek Jeter, never lived their either. Da Bronx is a frame of mind, not just a physical location. And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likes to point out that she was a Bartender for a hot minute. And, she’s the one who told Jeff Bezos billionaire, to take his business Amazon, along with his special tax breaks and hit the road. And, she did this while every other politician in both the City and the State of New York was busy kissing Billionaire Bezos’s ass and trying to fix it, so Billionaire Bezos wouldn’t have to pay taxes at all. Billionaire Bezos got the message and took his show on the road. So we think Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is down with her peeps. So much so that we don’t call her by the usual nickname AOC, we like to think of her as Cardi B’s Sister.

Now we have to point out a few things to the people who are cutting Cardi B’s Sister a new one. First off there is a long history of Concentration camps. A whole lot of countries had them including the United States of America. All Concentration camps were not like the ones the Nazis ran with poison gas, ovens, forced labor and Doctor Mengele. Usually they were just camps surrounded by barbed wire. We also have to point something out to Cardi B’s Sister. When you can just walk out the door and go home, like anyone in the detention centers on our southern border can, it’s not a Concentration Camp.

Eric Swalwell Democratic Representative from California who in case you didn’t know, is running for President and you might not know this as he’s so far behind the rest of the pack and so unheard of, that President the Donald Himself hasn’t even given him nickname. But Swalwell just announced that if he’s elected his first act as President, will be to fire Jared Kushner. Jared Kushner in case you didn’t know works for the White House and he does that because he’s President the Donald Himself’s son-in-law. Jared is married to Ivanka. We’re pretty sure that once President the Donald Himself leaves office Jared will go with him. Of course you never know. Maybe if the next President is Joe the Squeeze Biden or Elizabeth Cherokee Warren, they’ll keep Jared on. Administrations used to actually do that back in simpler and kinder days. But Eric Swalwell won’t. Eric Swalwell will fire Jared on day one. This is good to know, just in case you weren’t sure who you would vote for in 2020.

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3 thoughts on “Making Things Perfectly Clear”

  1. I really believe in due time if a democrat is elected every single person that trump appointed will be out they are all incompetent or in the pockets of big oil or Wall Street good riddance

  2. Actually, they are concentration camps. People have died in those camps. There is no soap, beds, comfort whatsoever. Eric Swalwell might be at the end of the pack, and might not be president but he is a genuine soul.

    I don’t care where the Congresswoman Ocasio-Cortz grew up either. Where someone hails from doesn’t make them right, wrong, good or bad. She did bar tend and waitress and she does know how to work. I love how people just love to criticize her for being loud, young and female.

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