Today I am grateful for sleep.  But I wish I could get some.  I’m on steroids for these miseries and I forgot how they mess with me.


I realized last night, when I was working very, very hard to get three, yes, three (3) hours of sleep that I should not take a steroid with dinner.  I have to get them all in by lunch time or I’m up half the night, twitchy and sweaty.


We are watching the Westminster Dog Show as I type, so don’t spoil it for me, since I’ve stayed away from today’s news so far.  It feels kind of good.  Who needs news when there are dogs?  I was still rolling around trying to find “my spot” at three in the morning.  When I woke up at six, I thought I must be on the floor of the grooming room at the dog show.  Stink much?  I know. . . I’m a really sexy gal.


My nightgown (the second of the nocturnal event) was soaked along with the pillows I was propped up on, which were soaked through to the other side.  It’s like I went to bed a popsicle and woke up just a stick.  I wish.  I am definitely down a quart.


I’ve never washed bed pillows before, but in they went and so did I. . .straight to the shower!  It’s not like I don’t bathe, but boy, this was embarrassing.  The good news is that I have no more fever.  The bad news is that the cough still sounds like I am a pissed off seal in a zoo.


This morning I asked Himself if I kept him up all night, what with my thrashing around and slamming pillows and getting up and bitching about how hot it was, then how uncomfortable I was and beating the pillows into submission and turning the TV on, then setting it to go off in a half an hour, then turning it on again.  Repeat all of the above a hundred times.  I’m exhausted from all of that effort.


Ironically I feel pretty good today.  I think it’s just because I’m so glad to be up and about and not working so hard trying to sleep.  My shift is over.

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