Kindles for Quarantine?

Over the next few weeks, will be doing a few promotions to help authors (those who publish with us and those who did not) promote their books.   Our first order of business is a kindle 99- cent sale. We will be highlighting three to four books each week .  Keep this in mind: if you are an author who did not publish with us, but you buy and read one of our author’s kindles, we will pay it forward and give you some free promotion for your book.  You just have to let me know when you bought the kindle and you are in!


Lite Whines and Laughter: Mild Rants and Musings on the Mundane from Lee Gaitan

If you like your optimism served with a side of snarkiness, this is the book for you. Lee Gaitan is a recognized “Bounce Back” expert (unless she’s not wearing eye liner, in which case she often goes unrecognized), known for looking on the bright side and finding the silver lining in dark clouds. But sometimes the best way to part the dark clouds and discover the sunshine is by way of a mild rant or musing on the myriad irritations of modern life. With Gaitan’s wit cutting through those clouds with razor-sharp accuracy, readers will find themselves on the sunny side of life again in no time.






Stand Up & Heartbreak: A Comic and A Sex Addict Walk into a Marriage  by Arlene Schindler 

Stand Up & Heartbreak is a narrative non-fiction glimpse into the life of a budding stand-up comic who unknowingly marries a sex addict, and they both stop performing. Set in NYC in 1981, from comedy cellars to dive bars to Park Avenue high-rises, a female comic from Brooklyn meets the man of her dreams, not knowing his addictions and double life. With big hair and a satin jumpsuit, she confronts sexism, manages hecklers, says “next” to bad sex and endures a marriage gone awry, finally emerging with the punch line. Stand Up & Heartbreak spotlights being a comic at the wrong time in a world where timing is everything.








It Comes From Within: Living with Bipolar Illness by Michael Solomon and Gloria Hochman

It Comes from Within is a compilation of articles, worksheets and personal narratives that shine a light on Bipolar Illness, an issue that is often kept in the dark. Co-authors Michael Solomon and Gloria Hochman, want everyone who struggles with a mental health issue to know that he or she is not alone.

It Comes from Within is the story of how Mike and the mental health movement have gained understanding and maturity, and how every reader can do the same.

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