Stompin’ at the Strip Mall

This is what a true spy looks like
The Well-Known Seductress and Double Agent of WWII
Stompin’ at the Strip Mall
The highlight of my day will be a visit to Foot Solutions today. I desperately need another pair of athletic shoes, and hubby says he refuses to go to Flagstaff without my purchase of new treads for the feet. But buying shoes in the Era of COVID is like something out of a spy novel. First off, you have only four hours to perform this task. And you must enter through a side door or else the gig is up.

Naturally I need to get prepared for said spy trip. I’ll wear my old shoes so the swap can be made, and I’ll wear one of the thousand or so disposable masks husband bought to ward off COVID sneezes and coughs. I won’t wear it in the car because Dr. Gupta, the medical expert on CNN, said that’s not necessary, but as soon as I exit the Rogue I’ll be masked. I’ll park close to the side door and knock twice. Maybe thrice if the salesperson is hearing challenged. Then it’ll be a sale. I know this because I need to buy something comfy or else Flagstaff won’t be crunching under my feet.. I want to walk around the nearby lake/reservoir and say hi to the dogs I meet. It’ll be a change from being holed up in Scottsdale.So it’s going to be a spy trip that will open new horizons for me..

Below is an authentic picture of seductress and WWII spy Mata Hari who died in a machine-gun execution at the age of 41. Her fame still lives on.I think I look a little bit like her dontcha think?’

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  1. Amazing how history keeps repeating itself in new ways, eh? Be careful you don’t become a person of interest to Homeland Security…

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