The Donut Decision

Coincidentally, when the scandal first hit I was sitting down to a nice donut and a gin and tonic. The scandal that will make it into the anals of Canadian history.

Justin Trudeau, in his efforts to glue Canada back together, decided to buy some donuts. Local donuts. The kind of quality donuts that makes a nation great, and worth holding together. The kind of delicious donuts that spurs legends and literature. Have you read Margaret Atwood’s new book about donuts? Buy it at Tim Hortons. Litbits. Right beside the timbits.

What really irks me is that Mr. Trudeau didn’t spell out his donut platform during the election. Why didn’t he outline his penchant for elite donuts? Why didn’t the CBC press him on his donut policy? Because they’re the media left arm of the Liberal party, that’s why.

Clearly he should have stated his views on donut purchases. That way the media could have poked holes in his donut decisions. Even just one hole would do.

What are Mr. Trudeau’s views on other delicacies? Beats me. Does he prefer Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, which mimic the croissant, or will he take Canada down the path of the real French croissant, full of butter, fat and health care costs? Will the maverick show W5 investigate?

Stay tuned. Twitter will keep us informed.

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