Now We Know Just Who Put The ‘Q’ in Q-Anon

Putin Celebrates Over Putting A Big One Over On Americans With His Q-Anon Invention.

Scene- A secret meeting room in the most secretive part of the Kremlin-

Putin raises a glass of vodka high enough for all to see as they sat around a huge table well festooned and full with pricey edibles.

“Well, Comrades, I wish to toast the success of our most recent and eventful hack into the American lifestyle that we have had in a long time. It went beyond our expectations. And, most telling, it showed us that a certain segment of Americans are more gullible than even we would ever have imagined.”

“When Igor Flemski, one of the head men of the Trump initiatives that we have been developing for decades now, suggested the Q-Anon idea we laughed him out of the office. But he persisted and as a result we are all happy to have to wipe the egg off our faces; It worked beyond our wildest schemes. When we did put it into action we expected to get a rag tag collection of fools that we could manipulate, which we got, but in numbers we couldn’t believe. But we never, ever expected a full-blown attack on the very center of American pride and politics- the Capitol at Washington! That was indeed a Capitol plan of action! Our hackers have really done their jobs well!”

“The first showing of buds that this might be a very exploitable way of interrupting and undermining the so-called and highly vaunted ‘American Way Of Life’ came when Pizza-gate erupted. That Mr. Flemski could convince the Americans; although they are the biggest saps outside of the common Chinese and the Muslim hordes; that a common pizza parlor hid a racket of child sex sales and cannibalism was beyond our grandest notions. It got to the point that some stooge actually armed himself to the teeth and raided the place all by himself.”

“Now we have thousands of followers, most of them so-called Christians, who will follow blindly to the bowels of Hell a man who himself is without morals or high ideals no matter how many Commandments he breaks and how immoral he acts. This is a treasure trove for our section devoted to bringing down the U.S. by any means possible. Flemski has them believing that Trump is still in control of the government, that he is still flying around in the Air Force One plane, and that the military will overthrow Biden and make Trump President again. How does it get any better than that?”

Voices cheer all around. “It cannot get any better!” yells one General. “”The Americans are the ultimate dupes!” shrills a Putin-made billionaire. “The joke called Democracy is over!” hollers a crony newspaper owner. Then all together they raise their glasses and say ”Glory be to the real Q, our glorious Vladimir Putin!”

Putin smirks at this, then says “That is the best joke of it all! I am the real, anonymous Q!”


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