AMC Poised to Become First Theatre Chain to Sell Popcorn by the Kernel

Beginning October 1st, patrons of AMC theatres who can’t afford to buy a whole bag of popcorn (with tax, a large popcorn at AMC costs over $10) will have the option of purchasing individual kernels for 25 cents each. 

According to AMC chief executive Adam Aron, “we realize that some of our customers can’t currently afford both a movie ticket and popcorn.  However, AMC is a company committed to inclusiveness, so we are going to offer individual kernels to these folks.  There are times when 3 or 4 kernels is all you need to satisfy your craving for a snack.  And, as always, the butter is free.”

Unfortunately, the surface generosity of this decision took a hit yesterday when the New York Times revealed that in late July Aron sent an email to the AMC marketing department in which he claimed, “if there are people dumb enough to pay $10 for a bag of popcorn, there are certainly folks out there who are sufficiently stupid to shell out 25 cents per kernel.  Thank God our educational system keeps churning out consumers who possess the brainpower of Milk Duds.”

AMC has declined to comment on the email. 



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